Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Intelligent Cities Project is a collaborative effort with Singapore Management University (SMU), which aims to develop intelligent cities, with Singapore as the project pilot.

The TCS–SMU lab infuses a citizen-centric approach to the project, by taking into consideration their needs and response protocols. We also work on a crowd-sourcing model, inviting inputs from the community to better understand care delivery models for the elderly. The use of analytics on aggregated data is complemented with multi-sensor information to enhance care for the elderly without being obtrusive.

A Partnership of Choice

The TCS-SMU collaboration has led to the establishment of the TCS-SMU iCity Lab in SMU's campus. The lab is involved in research in several aspects of 'intelligent cities' and will be using Singapore as a test area to pilot the concepts. The lab has also been engaging other agencies in Singapore for various projects. Aside from hands-on projects, the iCity Lab is also deeply involved in the TCS research ecosystem with lab visits by TCS' research scientists, lectures, panel discussions, and co-hosting of academic conferences.

Providing a Helping Hand to the Elderly

The lab has received a grant from the Government of Singapore to create technology to monitor the well-being of the elderly. Sensors installed at the homes of senior citizens, collect and transmit vital information regarding their well-being and can trigger timely alerts in case of an emergency. This allows quick first-response, and can be particularly life-saving for elderly citizens living alone. The project aims to deliver 100 sensor-enabled homes by 2017.

Advantages of the Partnership:

Expertise and experience: SMU is an internationally renowned university and has technological and business expertise on smart city solutions and a thrust on multi-disciplinary research. The university’s state-of the-art campus, within the smart nation of Singapore, has been an ideal pilot for developing the solution. TCS, on the other hand, has been successfully executing large transformation projects for governments for several years. Together, TCS and SMU make ideal partners to implement these solutions.
Digital technology levers: TCS offers Digital Reimagination™ with social media, mobile, Big Data, analytics, and cloud offerings. Capabilities in the IoT, responsive web technology, and design thinking guide our operations.
IoT platform: TCS’ Connected Universe Platform is a platform-asa-service (PaaS) offering that accelerates the development and deployment of IoT applications for organizations across industries. This helps companies develop innovative products and intelligent infrastructure, enhance operational efficiencies, and constantly improve customer experiences. The solution also facilitates sensor device management, data acquisition and storage, and analytics.
Innovation-backed solutions: TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) promotes research in cross-domain technologies across the globe. We invest heavily in systems, software, and applications research in our innovation labs.

Download Brochure: TCS' Research Collaboration with Singapore Management University for Intelligent Cities (449 KB)

*TCS' Research Collaboration with Singapore Management University for Intelligent Cities. Retrieved from: http://www.tcs.com/research/Pages/TCS-SMU-intelligent-cities.aspx


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