Prof TAN Hwee Pink commented on the ethicality of IoT in the SMU Blog

19 May 2017

Prof TAN Hwee Pink, SMU-TCS iCity Lab’s Academic Director and Associate Professor of Information Systems, shares his views on the ethicality of IoT with SMU Social Media Team.

"Incredibly, a recent study found that 89% of IoT apps are not tested for security flaws."

As more smart devices get connected to the internet, Prof TAN identified Security and Privacy as key downsides to IoT. Consumers, developers and governments have a part to play in taking into consideration the long-term impact of security and privacy.

Driverless cars, smart cities, and homes, devices to monitor and maintain our health – Gartner forecasts that by 2020 there’ll be more than 20 billion internet-connected devices in use.

It’s difficult not to get excited by the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

But as we all get swept up in anticipation for the way in which these devices and technologies will improve our lives, Prof TAN gives us insights on a more serious side to the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

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Last updated on 25 May 2017 .