Lee Kwan Yew Global Business Plan Competition featured Prof TAN Hwee Pink in their Smart City Video Series

17 May 2017

SMU-TCS iCity Lab’s Academic Director Prof TAN Hwee Pink was interviewed by SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship on iCity Lab’s approach towards Urban Healthcare issues with regards to Smart City - Health, Living, Mobility and Services, a Lee Kwan Yew Global Business Plan Competition.

“The biggest challenge for urban healthcare would be the growth of aging population in the world. This along with increasing healthcare costs, as well as limited resources for healthcare and reducing old-age dependency ratio. This means that we need to be able to keep our elderly safer, healthier and socially connected at home." -Professor Tan Hwee Pink, Academic Director of SMU-TCS iCity.

In the pilot project - SHINESeniors - SMU-TCS iCity Lab are looking at bringing the benefit of in-home monitoring technologies to enable better care through the community for up to 100 elderly homes.

Click here to watch the full video: https://www.smu.edu.sg/lky#lg=1&slide=4

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Last updated on 24 Aug 2017 .