Study conducted by iCity Lab Research Fellow Dr. Nadee Goonawardene highlighted by the Straits Times

2 May 2017


iCity Lab Research Fellow Dr. Nadee Goonawardene’s research on social isolation among the elderly was featured in the Straits Times, where she draws attention to the fact that seniors who live alone risk social isolation.

“Social isolation put them [elderly] at risk of developing depression and could affect their [elderly] sleep quality, cognition level and ability to perform their [elderly] daily activities,” said Dr. Nadee Gonnawardene.

Additionally, Associate Professor Tan Hwee Pink, Academic Director of iCity Lab mentioned that this research provides insights on the elderly, which aid social workers in identifying those who need help and to introduce more targeted programs.

Goodlife! social workers and volunteers have since been speaking to the seven seniors and encouraging them to join centre- based activities.

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Last updated on 24 Aug 2017 .