Smart Nation by PM Lee during National Day Rally 2017

21 Aug 2017


On the 20th of August Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered the National Day Rally 2017 speech. PM Lee spoke on three key topics during the rally, one of which was Smart Nation.

“What is Smart Nation about? Some think it is about each person owning two handphones, or learning to play Pokemon Go, or having the fastest internet connection. Others talk about e-commerce, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and big data. Those are all part of it, but not the whole story.

Smart Nation is about Singapore taking full advantage of IT. Using IT comprehensively to create new jobs, new business opportunities, to make our economy more productive, to make our lives more convenient. To make this an outstanding city in which to live, work and play.”

The following is a short excerpt from the Nation Day Rally in Chinese:


我今晚要谈的第三个课题是智慧国。什么是“智慧国”呢?说到智慧国,大家可能会联想到电脑、互联网和高科技,这些所谓年轻人的玩意儿。实际上,智慧国就是通过现代科技让全体人民,无论老少,都能受惠,包括能改善年长者的日常生活。 让我举一个例子,来解释资讯科技如何让独居的年长者的生活更安全。现在,我们常常见到独居的年老夫妇和单身老人。如何照顾这些独居老人是个很困难的问题。万一他们在家里跌倒,或是身体不适,起不了床,我们要怎么知道,怎么及时抢救?要解决这个生活中的实际问题,科技可以派上用场了。我们可以在年长者的住家安装智能感应器。像这张图表所显示的,你可以在门口和每个房间都安装一个。 它主要功能是探测家里的动静。感应器会学习分辨年长者的日常生活规律。比方说,他通常几点起床,准备早餐,过后几点出门,用了午餐之后几点回家睡午觉等等。感应器探测不到这些日常生活的动静, 便会及时通知家人。这样一来,家人可以及时反应,可以放心了。老人家也不必怕隐私会被侵犯,因为这些感应器不是监视器,也不是闭路电视。建屋局目前在一些年长者的住家试验这种感应系统。参与试验的,就包括一位廖女士。有一天,廖女士的儿子收到了系统发出的通知,知道母亲家里出现不寻常的状况,系统探测不到某种动静。儿子于是尝试打电话给妈妈,却联络不上。他连忙赶去妈妈的家,才发现妈妈卧病在床。他马上陪妈妈去看医生,幸好最终平安无事。

During PM Lee’s Chinese speech, he gave an example of how the internet of things also known as IoT enabled seniors living alone to live a safer life. He acknowledged that taking care of seniors who are living alone has its difficulty. For instance, in a situation where the senior falls or when they are feeling unwell and is unable to get out of bed. How will the seniors seek help? How can we respond in a timely manner?

This is when technology comes into play. PM Lee mentioned about the installation of the non-intrusive sensors in the seniors home and the benefits it brings such as giving the next-of-kin a peace of mind.

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