iCare – Neighbours for Active Living Information System (NIS)

Research Partner: One of the major hospitals in Singapore

Exploratory Timeline: October 2013 – December 2014


“iCare” is an information system designed and developed by TCS-SMU iCity Lab, with the aim to help the Neighbors Team under one of the mayor hospital in Singapore in caring for their patients through more efficient data collection and retrieval, care planning and management, and task scheduling and reminders. With the NIS in place, we hope to increase the productivity of the Neighbors Team so that they can better address the needs of their patients.

This project is currently being piloted at two divisions of our partner hospital in the east of Singapore. Elderly and frequent flyer patients are visited by the Neighbors team to assist them in their transition from the hospital to the community.

Linkage to iCity Research

iCity Lab’s focus on Community Health encompasses two of its research areas — Healthcare and Chronic Disease, and Ageing. The iCare NIS development addresses these two areas since the target clients for the system are elderly Singaporeans and frequent fliers, i.e. those patients who are hospitalized more than 4 times in a year. The care providers are able to understand their clients better and offer better services because the NIS enables them to document their encounters and streamline their workflow more efficiently.


This project provides the Neighbors Team with a customized information system which they can use in caring for and managing their clients. In doing so, we hope to increase the productivity of the Team through user-friendly data collection tools, client tracking capability, and a task reminder system. Furthermore, we also hope to create an application for the volunteer befrienders so that their interactions with the clients are well-documented.


Last updated on 19 Oct 2015 .