Research Partner: One of the major hospitals in Singapore

Exploratory Timeline: Oct -13 to Sep-14


“Collaborative Care” is a Home-Based Dialysis Care Monitoring System partnering with the Renal Centre in one of the mayor hospitals in Singapore. Using Smart phone, kidney disease (ESRD) patient can manage his/her personal health related activities, such as complying with procedures, capturing and submitting body measurements easily to hospital and collaborating with care givers. 

The purpose of the research is to build an intelligent chronic disease monitoring solution by applying the core methodology of iCity Lab — City Process Management (CPM™) platform. The study will further help researchers to understand the role of IT-service in mediating patient-health professional relationship, especially to understand how well the current internet/ smartphone technology can be used to provide customized services to patients who need continuous and intensive medical care.

Linkage to iCity Research

The Project is an application of iCity Lab’s CPM platform in healthcare field and in specific, the chronic disease monitoring area. It demonstrates the effectiveness of CPM platform on how to provide personalized services to people in high demand of medical care, and its feasibility in applying to any domain with the urban context.


iCity Lab solution on collaborative care provides a patient-centric design for improving patient’s compliance with consideration of doctor’s requirements. The seamless interaction between smart phone and medical devices through blue tooth allows patients to directly upload their health indicative data to doctors.


Last updated on 19 Oct 2015 .